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We're Hiring! - Pool Manager -Application Open!

Updated: May 13, 2022

AN UPDATE (5/12/2022): The Board of Directors has increased the stipend for this position:

  • Increased from $8,000 to $12,000.

  • Pro-rated for work already complete this season.

A NOTE (05/09/22) This Position remains unfilled and is open for applications. Please See notes:

  • This position can be modified to be seasonal - indicate your desire on your initial contact with the board.

  • Pay will be prorated to account for work already complete.

  • The board is flexible and desires a candidate with personnel management skills over facilities management skills.

  • This position is not limited to residents of Kingsgate 3 and 4.

Kingsgate 3 and 4 Homes Association is hiring a pool manager. Please send your resume' to Derek Tucci. Interviews and selection will be conducted immediately, and the application period will close 6pm, Friday April 22, 2022.

  • This is a 12-month compensated position.

  • Board members or committee chairs are ineligible to apply.

  • Seasonality dictates more work during the pool season and less work during the off season.

  • This is a management level position with as many as 15 reports.

  • Great communication skills a must

  • Use of social media, scheduling software, and basic computer skills required.

  • See job description for more information!

2022 Pool Manager Job Description
Download PDF • 125KB

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