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Pay Rate Table for 2024 Swim Season

Years of Service
Lifeguard rate/hr.
Swim Instructor rate/hr.
(As a Certified Guard)
(addition to base wage)
(addition to base wage)
+ $4.25

Base Wage: $17.50

Head Lifeguard override: $1.25/hr. in addition to lifeguard rate above

Pool Manager stipend: $14,100/season
Swim Lesson Coordinator stipend: $3,250/season

Swim Team Head Coach stipend: $5,775/season

Swim Team Assistant Coach stipend: $3,810/season

Pool Manager

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the pool or its operation or policies,

2023 General Hours

May 22 through June 23 

-Mon - Thurs  3:30pm – 5:45pm  open swim

-Mon - Thurs 6pm to 8:30pm  swim team

-Fri 3:30pm – 8pm  open swim

-Sat - Sun  noon to 8pm  open swim

June 24 through August 20 

-Mon - Fri  10am – 12:30pm lessons

-Mon - Fri 12:30pm to 8pm  open swim

-Sat - Sun  noon to 8pm  open swim

Swim meet closures

-June 22 (closing at 4pm)

-June 27 (closing at 4pm)

-July 6 (closing at 4pm)

-July 11 (closing at 4pm)

-July 15 (closed all day)

Lessons  May 27 online signups open

-Session 1: 6/26 through 7/7

-Session 2: 7/10 through 7/21

-Session 3: 7/24 through 8/4

Lesson signups and rentals? Go to and click “pool”.

Additional questions? email

Pool Party Reservation Rules

The goal of this policy is to provide an equitable pool reservation system for the members of our community. The following was approved by the Kingsgate 3 & 4 Board on May 18, 2023:

· Online reservations will require approval to confirm the criteria below before being finalized and receiving payment.

· High demand pool party reservation slots – These include Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday night.

o Limit of two (2) reservations per household on the books at a time.

o Once one of the two sessions is used, another can be booked.

o Same week reservations - If there are open slots the Monday proceeding that weekend’s high demand slots, additional reservations can be made.

· There are no limits on any reservation slots outside the high demand slots listed above.

· These changes will be implemented retroactively with any homeowner exceeding the reservation limits choosing the two slots that they would like to keep. The remaining will be reopened to the community and refunds given.

· The board will examine the reservation data on our October or November meeting (whatever one is not the budget meeting) to determine if changes need to be made for next year and post any updates the following month once minutes are approved on the website.

· The board will develop a clearly defined date when the reservation system will go live (i.e. 2nd Saturday in May) which includes clear communication to the community.


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