Pool Opening Guidelines and Expectations

We have exciting news....THE POOL GETS TO OPEN!!  

Due to our commitment to return in compliance with the state's COVID guidelines we have a detailed policy in place that should be read completely to understand expectations. 

This document explains Kingsgate 3&4 plans for implementations of policy. As we all know now in these unique times everything can change quickly. That is why we are going to present you a weekly sign up for swim times at the pool. As of Monday, June 15th we will be open daily from 9-11 am for lessons. The pool area will then be cleaned from 11 to noon. Once it opens back up at noon there will be one-hour time slots available to our Kingsgate 3&4 residents only (no guests) until the pool then closes at 8 pm. Initially, please only take one time slot for your family per week. If extra time slots are available, it will be made known to the community. Each family must complete a waiver before being allowed in the pool. 

All participants should come to the pool showered and dressed for swimming; and will need to exit the facility immediately at the end of their appointment.  The locker rooms will only be open for use of toilets and sinks during Phase 1 and 2.  Changing areas will not be available until Phase 3, and then on a limited basis.  Showers will be closed for the summer. Required hygiene practices will be posted in all areas within the pool facility and will include reminders to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, to maintain 6’ physical distancing from those not immediately related, and to wear face coverings when required and when entering and exiting the pool facility.  Pool deck tables will be designated for each appointment participant(s) . They have been distanced to sit at if you are not in the pool with one family per table. They will be disinfected by staff after each use. Social distancing is expected. 

Appreciate Your Understanding

Ashley Larson - Kingsgate 3&4 Pool Manager

Mike Nelson - Kingsgate 3&4 President

Derek Tucci - Kingsgate 3&4 Trustee

Chris Adams - Kingsgate 3&4 Trustee


Kingsgate 3&4 COVID WAIVER