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3 Important Things (Presidents Blog)

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Dear Kingsgate 3 & 4:

I just want to take a second and highlight a few things that we need your help with as a neighborhood. Ill be quick and concise:

1. Board Member Elections: Every year 3 board member’s terms end. This year, the terms for Trustees 7, 8, and 9 will be expiring. Myself and Derek Tucci (Trustees 8 and 9 respectively) will be running for reelection to the board and while we would be happy to serve again we also welcome anyone who would like to run against us!

Sadly, our board will be losing Darcy Eilers (Trustee #7) - She has chosen not to run for reelection so that she can focus on other things. We would like to thank Darcy for her exemplary service!

If you are interested in any of the (3) board positions described above (or know anyone who may) be please contact Scott Gray ( The board would especially like to encourage women and people of diverse backgrounds to consider joining!

All candidates will be announced by e-mail on February 8th and all votes from e-mailed proxy forms or online vote on the Nova portal must be received by 12:01 AM February 11th. Candidates will be reviewed at the annual meeting and nominations may be made from the floor in accordance with our by-laws. However, the board encourages voting as soon as possible after the candidate announcement is made on the 8th.

2. Political Signs: Our bylaws are clear – political signs must be taken down 10 days after the election they are intended to influence. If you still have political signs up, please take them down. We will survey the neighborhood in the coming weeks to ensure compliance with this bylaw.

3. Nova Transition: Finally, the board has been hearing some complaints about our transition to NOVA. Please attend the meeting tomorrow so that we can address those complaints. Generally, transition issues are related to board performance and not that of Nova.


Mike Nelson

President Kingsgate 3&4 Homes Association

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