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3&4 Safe Reopening!

Kingsgate 3&4 Safe Reopening

The following changes will be implemented effective July 2nd for Kingsgate 3&4 Pool. If you are a regular pool user, please read to the bottom!


If our lifeguards are no longer wearing a mask it means they have shown proof that they are fully vaccinated.

Swim Lessons

All in water instructors are fully vaccinated. They will be wearing a face shield as a barrier for the 7/5 to 7/16 session. After this session it should be known a face shield will no longer be in place.


If our coaches are no longer wearing a mask it means they have shown proof that they are fully vaccinated. The coaches will be asked to carry a mask and wear it if they need to be in close contact (less than 6 feet) with a swimmer.

Mini Monarch instructors will follow the same timeline as swim lesson instructors. After 7/16, a face shield will no longer be used in the water. All mini-instructors are fully vaccinated.

For swim meets if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask on the pool deck. If you are not vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask on deck.

Attestation forms are no longer necessary. Although, please still inform staff immediately if a swimmer is not feeling well.

Pool Party

Parties are still available to book online. Guests are available to attend pool parties. A total head count must be provided to the pool manager to ensure your pool party is staffed appropriately.

Lap Swim

Appointments are no longer necessary. Lap swim is from 6-7 am, Monday- Friday. Come swim!

Open Swim

At this point, guests are still not allowed. ONLY MEMBERS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD.

Appointments are no longer necessary. You can come any time during open swim hours.

All unvaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask indoors and on the pool deck when not actively eating or drinking at their table.

We will have 2 tables available to book for 2-hour blocks for those of you who feel the need to have that social distancing security. These tables are gray in color. They will be purposefully separated from the rest to add an extra layer of protection for anyone choosing this for health reasons.

We will be having staff monitor the capacity every hour during open swim. After 2 weeks we will re-evaluate if we can accommodate guests. Until then only members living in your household are welcome to our pool. If at any time the guards feel the capacity is too high they will kindly ask people to leave.

Children under 12 have not had the opportunity to become vaccinated. They will be required to wear a mask everywhere with exception to the pool itself. Parents should take on this responsibility to enforce this with their children.

The new mask guidance is only for people who are fully vaccinated; meaning people who are at least two weeks past their second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or two weeks after their single Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The new guidance does not apply to unvaccinated people. When unvaccinated people gather, especially indoors, they are at risk of both getting COVID-19 as well as spreading it to others. People who haven’t been vaccinated must still wear a mask in public, per the Secretary’s order.

A new waiver will need to be signed.


The locker rooms will continue to only be available for restroom use. The showers are not available. Please shower before and after your swim.

Out of respect for our Lifeguards and the importance of time spent with family, we will only be open from 1-5 pm on the 4th of July.

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