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Community Rules Feedback


Over the past months a committee of volunteers has spent many hours drafting Community Rules. The Community Rules are that committee’s interpretation of the Declarations Covenants Conditions & Restrictions (DCCRs) that already exist and were recorded with the state in 1968. The DCCRs are referenced in every deed and every owner in the HOA has agreed to these DCCRs by purchasing their home.

The Board, following the advice of our legal and management advisors has determined that Community Rules are necessary to align our HOA with current law and best practices of HOA management and clarify the DCCRs into a single easy to read document to make living in Kingsgate 3 and 4 easier. When you read the Community Rules, you will find that most if not all of the rules match the way the community is conducting itself today or are simply restated rules that already exist in other documents.

To be very clear, the intent of the Community Rules document is as follows:

1) Put the rules where they belong - in a rules document. Currently, some rules are listed in the Bylaws. The Bylaws is intended to guide the HOA on how to conduct itself, not the neighborhood do’s and don’ts.

2) Provide clarification to the Declarations Covenants Conditions & Restrictions were clarity doesn’t currently exist. And do it in a way that is legal, ethical, and responsible to the community.

3) Give the community something that is easy to read, understand, and follow.

A draft of the Community Rules is located on our secure portal at or

Please review the Rules and provided feedback to the Board via e-mail at no later than Wednesday, June 2nd. Please enter “KG34 Community Rules Feedback” in the subject line. Simply stating your opinion to a board member, while convenient, is hard to record. Feedback via e-mail is the only feedback that the committee will evaluate. The rules will be adopted and become active through the following process:

April 18th – Notification of draft electronically sent to homeowners, community feedback period begins.

June 2nd – Community feedback period ends at 5:00PM, committee will evaluate feedback.

June 5th – Committee sends final Community Rules recommendation to the Board by 11:59 PM.

June 9th – Board votes proposes amendments, adopts, or does not adopt Community Rules in June monthly meeting.

Thank You,

The Community Rules Drafting Committee

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