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Hello Kingsgate 3&4!

I hope that everyone is having a good fall and we start to move into winter! I'm writing this note to ask for some volunteer help.

First, I would like to thank Grant Beaver for working with the HOA to scan our old files and bring us into the digital age. The task is a big one and we want to thank Grant and his family!

Second, if you have indicated interest in being on any of the committees we previously asked for help with please know that we have your name and we will be in contact with you before the February 2021 annual meeting.

Finally, the HOA is undertaking the task of developing a clear set of "homeowner rules" and we need residents to volunteer for the Rules Drafting Committee. The goal of this isn't to increase enforcement actions or become more punitive as an association; it's to give homeowners unconfusing and clear guidance on what the standards of the community are. We recognize that trying to interpret standards from our various governing documents can be a challenge and has created confusion in the past - we want to take that challenge away!

The Rules Drafting Committee will work together to form a clear set of guidelines and expectations that align with our governing documents and most importantly that sentiments and attitude of the greater community. Once the Rules Drafting Committee has a draft that they agree on, it will be shared with the membership for feedback, and then presented to the board for adoption. The work will start relatively soon and should run through the February 2021 meeting where the Board hopes to adopt the new Rules.

Please respond to if you are interested in volunteering for this committee, we are looking for approximately five or more community participants!

Thank You,

Mike Nelson

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