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Our Pool Booking Expectations

Hi neighbors. With everything happening with the pool opening so quickly we wanted to share some insight that might help Clarify some questions about the different restrictions.

1. We have changed the website. At this time you can only sign up 14 days in advance. We did this in hopes with king county moving into each phase we may see new (hopefully less) restrictive rules.

2. You may sign up 1 time per week per family. With the new 14 day advance reservations this means you can have 2 total.

3. If you previously signed up for another family please update your booking to add those families expecting to join you in the notes. We are no longer supporting multiple reservations for new bookings.

4. Day of reservations: please take a look and if there are any empty spots you are able to sign up and this will NOT be counted against your weekly swim spot. Our goal is to keep our pool open and available for anyone in our neighborhood.

Thank you for being so understanding with us during this unprecedented time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns

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